Superchannel is a network of local studios used by people and communities as a discussion forum, presentation medium and a physical gathering place. It is a tool that enables you to produce internet TV engaging users in the creation and evolution of content. Superchannel started at a time where interactive live streaming was far from commonplace. The first experiment was carried out at Artspace 1%, Copenhagen. The second studio opened in 2000 in Coronation Court, a tower block in Liverpool. Since then more than 30 studios opened in very different locations. While Superchannel stopped to be active in 2005, some of the studios, such as Tenantspin, continue to be active using other media platforms for production. is a collaboration between SUPERFLEX and Sean Treadway.

3M, Torino Photo: Superflex

The First Superchannel

Artspace 1% invited SUPERFLEX to present an exhibition from May to July, for which SUPERFLEX proposed an open internet TV studio. SUPERFLEX posted the studio schedule in the display window of the gallery, thereby inviting the public to “directly engage in the creation and evolution of content”. During the two and a half months of the exhibition, people could sign up for broadcasting. The offer turned out to be most attractive to DJs, artists, anthropologists, psychologists and music promoters.

Coronation Court Channel

  Liverpool's oldest tower block. Located in a Liverpool suburb, some seven miles from the city centre. Ten floors high, with ninety residents in 104 dwellings, linked by labyrinthine corridors and stairwells. Whilst some people think the block is ugly, cumbersome and inaccessible, those who live their are passionate about their home. The site is about to undergo a major refurbishment, and its occupants will move out temporarily to other sites around the city. When the Housing Action Trust first discussed this redevelopment, one of the primary concerns that residents had was to keep the community together. This has been the impetus for a partnership between FACT's Collaboration Programme and the HAT that will create a series of new media projects with tenants. Coronation Court is now the site of the UK's first Superchannel, involving tenants in producing shows about their lives, their homes and their community for global broadcast - from debates about the future of high-rise living to online, from campaigns for tenant rights to tea dances. More importantly than this, the Superchannel presents residents with a set of new media tools with which to maintain and develop their community links and to influence decision-making about their future.

Tenantspin Channel

Liverpool high rise tenants’ group internet TV Channel. Tenantspin is a studio managed by and for tenants of Liverpool’s Housing Action Trust in collaboration with the Foundation for Art & Creative Technology. Tenantspin aims to promote resident participation in regeneration and social housing issues through constructive debate, the sharing of experiences and the encouragement of responsible free speech. Launched in March 2001, Tenantspin webcast – long shows minimum once a week, looking at issues such as rent increases, resident parti-cipation and technology, landlords, demolition, the built environment, high-rise living, regeneration and beans on toast. Everything that you see on Tenantspin has been developed, produced and promoted by tenants. That means research, camera work, computer operation, publicity, presentation, training and studio management!


The Trapholt SuperTeens studio was setup during the exhibition "Pyramids of Mars" the 10'th of May to the 5'th of August 2001 at the Trapholt Museum of Modern Art, Applied Art, Design and Furniture Design in Kolding,Denmark. During this period Trapholt invited teenagers and children who live in Kolding or were on visit at the museum, to make there own internet tv-programmes. During the exhibition 56 programmes where produced all very different. The first show on this channel was "Tøzeznak - Tøzens krop" followed by "Tøzeznak og Teenagetalk". These two show give a good picture of the profile of this channel - they can be found in the archive. This was made as a part of the exhibition Pyramids of Mars organised by Lars Bang Larsen and The Modern Institute, Glasgow in collaboration with Karen Groen curator at the Trapholt museum in Kolding, Denmark.

The Modern Channel

The Modern Channel is an open access web TV station for live performance currently based at the Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh. The channel is programmed by local musicians and performers. All live performances are free and open to the public. The modern channel was done in collaboration with The Modern Institute in Glasgow.

Sharjah Moon Channel

Broadcast from the International Bienniale in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. The studio was open for any visitor or artist at the Bienniale. The studiomanager Christoffer Bruun produced more than 25 shows during 10 days in the field of poetry, architecture, happenings, talkshows, Sharjah sight seeing etc.

SUPER-Friedrich Channel

SUPER-Friedrich Channel is set up for the project 4FREE realised in 2001 by BüroFriedrich. It will broadcast this exhibition and all events, like discussions, lectures interview organised for this project. 4FREE will focus on the issue of of freedom, in particular by questioning artists, critics, curators and the public.

Europa? Channel

The studio was an open access situation focusing on the current political and democratic developments in Europe. The channel was hosted by Kunsthalle Wien. Groups, institutes or individuals that have a specific interest in the discussion could broadcast from here. "We invite you to participate in the discussion either through direct interaction during live shows, the discussion groups, or by making your own show. We also invite you to use the Superchannel studio at Kunst-halle Wien in the period 25 May until 17 September for your own activities and to get the experience of webcasting ...”

o VER Channel o VER Channel is the broadcasting link of o VER Magazine (pronounced without the o as VER) , published in Bangkok by Namdee publishing station initiated by Rirkrit Tiravanija. o VER Channel is being utilised by the magazine as a supplementary section to it's daily activities. The channel is simultaneously collecting/transmitting informations, events and presentations. The channel is mobile, acting both as a station and the vehicle, contributors and visitors passes through and in doing so, the contents of the magazine is received and transmitted. Be it in the form of the magazine with printed images and audio contents or as a streaming live event or viewed at a later time from the archives as part of Superchannel.

3M Channel

The third TV channel of Morocco - 3M, is situated at Villa Maria one hours drive from Turin, Italy. The studio is run and organised by a group of young immigrants from Morocco. 3M is a reference to the national Moroccan TV channel 2M. The 3M was initiated after an invitation from the Big Torino 2002 Biennale Internazionale Arte Giovane. The project is a collaboration between SUPERFLEX and Christoffer Emil Ellerbæk Bruun.

Situflex Studio

The Situflex Studio is established as an experi-mentation platform. It’s an open studio which invites groups/ individuals to participate. The Situflex Studio is a place from where people can launch their own channel and is the demonstration site for the Superchannel concept.

Echigo-Tsumari Channel

The Echigo-Tsumari Channel is run jointly by six small cities in Nigata region of Japan to promote their cultural significance. The studio is based in one of these cities, Tokamachi.  

Kanal 11

Kanal 11 is an internet channel which was installed to broadcast events from the gallery and permits live discussions with participants outside the gallery. But mainly it is intended to be a place for an engagement with art. It was formed after the model of Superchannel which can be used and bought by different groups and institutions. When it was bought by GfZK it was given the name KANAL11 which is derived from GfZK's address. GfZK have been using KANAL11 for broadcasting their activities but also to form a link to the gallery's exhibitions and programme. It is also supposed to link the institution with its surroundings. The channel works as a mobile unit which is stationed in the gallery for the time being and serves as an instrument for discussing the various facets of institutional work. Once a month there will be guests from politics, economy and culture invited into GfZK to talk about their work. Political, economical and social aspects will be discussed as well as the subjective perception of the participants. The installation was acquired for the GfZK Collection 2001(Leipzig).  

Super Eukabuek TV

Situated at Chiang Mai Art Museum, SuperEukabeuk TV is a web-based independent TV channel. SuperEukabeuk TV is initiated by the working group of Eukabeuk, Chiang Mai Social Installation, a public art event organised by Chiang Mai based artists and cultural workers with the aim of integrating contemporary art in unconventional spaces around the cities of Chiang Mai area. The Eukabeuk team collaborated with Superchannel to create an independent TV station in the website in order to provide public access to independent media, and broadcast their independent voices to both local and international community. The idea is to give the public more access to media for people from every group of interests. It will start to broadcast during the event, “Follow the Footsteps of Traditional Craftmen (Sala)”, organised by the Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University, the CMU Art Museum in cooperation with the City of Chiang Mai on the 10th April, 2002.  

About TV

AboutTV is a non-profit, web-cast station, based in Bangkok, Thailand, developed by About Art Related Activities (AARA) in collaboration with Superchannel. AboutTV aims to function as an open platform for local people and communities to produce and participate in the production and broadcasting of interactive Internet TV. The contents of AboutTV focuses on interrelated issues and various disciplines in the field of contemporary art and culture in Thailand and reflects current issues and movements in both the local and the international art scene.

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