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09 Feb Review covers The Return of Pablo in Gstaad

"SUPERFLEX’s poetic video was screened in a wood barn during the opening of “Avalanche,” the second incarnation of Elevation 1049, the young exhibition series that takes place every two years in Gstaad, Switzerland. The Return of Pablo will continue to subversively run on Gstaad’s mountain lift shuttle at the glacier, as if it was a visitors’ guide; which, in ways, it is. The video tells the story of an endangered bearded vulture named Pablo, who drops animal carcasses from great heights to extract the marrow from their bones. SUPERFLEX places Pablo’s plight in the context of ancient Greek mythology and Busy Town, the imaginary world of anthropomorphic animals employed as local functionaries created by Richard Scarry, the grandfather of artist and Elevation 1049’s co-curator, Olympia.
Anyone who was once a child knows that Busy Town was a suburban utopia (predators and prey found compromises and even Mayor Fox was scandal-free), but Gstaad hovers further from “bad things,” as the idyllic second home to 20th- and 21st-century titans, from Elizabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot, and Peter Sellers, to George Soros, Steve Wynn, and Madonna.

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