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27 Apr - 30 Jun Group Exhibition

Modern Times Forever in NY

Extract from press-release:

Peter Blum Gallery is pleased to present 4 Films opening on April 27, 2012 at Peter Blum, Chelsea (526 West 29th Street).The group exhibition will highlight recent films by Adrian Paci, Luisa Rabbia, SUPERFLEX and Su-Mei Tse.
Adrian Paci explores the intricacies of non-verbal communication and the fragility of life in his most recent film, Inside the Circle, developed in 2011 during an artist residency in Trivignano in the north of Italy. Shot in black and white and set inside a training ring, the film investigates the complex dynamics between man, animal and nature through an interaction between a horse rescued from a slaughterhouse and his young trainer.
Originally created in 2008 during a residency at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, Luisa Rabbia’s Travels with Isabella. Travel Scrapbooks 1883-2008, is a visual narrative inspired by the archives of the museum. Merging her own drawings and videos with photographs collected by Isabella Stewart Gardner during a trip to China in 1883,Rabbia creates a dialogue between the personal scrapbooks of the artist and socialite/philanthropist, spanning generations and cultures. The score for the film was composed by Fa Ventilato using a collage of sounds influenced by the music of the Gardner Museum.
Existing power structures, ownership of public space and the perceived immortality of Modernist icons are challenged in SUPERFLEX’s Modern Times Forever, a 240 hour-long film depicting the decay over 5,000 years of the Stora Enso Headquarters in Helsinki, Finland. Commissioned by IHME Contemporary Arts Festival for their annual IHME Public Project, the film debuted in March 2011, where it was projected outside for 10 days adjacent to the original building in Helsinki Market Square.
Created in 2011, the video installation Vertigen de la vida (Dizziness of Life) is a continuation of recent works by Su-Mei Tse exploring nostalgia and the recollection of blurred memories. Inspired by one of the first Dada movies Man Ray’s 1923, silent film “Le retour à la raison,”Su-Mei Tse interpretsthese impressions through images and sounds of a moving carousel at night. Tse collaborated with the New York based musician and composer Gian Carlo Vulcano on the score to further emphasize the idea of blurred and intangible memories with the texture of an ongoing circular flow.

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