Activities/COPY LIGHT production at the exhibition Manufacturing Today


10 May Group Exhibition

COPY LIGHT production at the exhibition Manufacturing Today
Photo: Superflex
Copy Light is a workshop that produces paper-shaded hanging lamps, each printed with the image of a famous copyrighted lamp design. The lights are constructed and hung in the gallery as they are made, gradually filling and illuminating the space. Conceptually, the lights occupy a position somewhere between an original and a copy, in the words of the artists “an in-between mode of working that has the potential to disrupt convention.”

'Manufacturing Today' has been conceived as a five year research project and exhibition to be based in Trondheim, Norway, but created more broadly, in this first instance, as a collaboration between art academies in Norway, Finland, Lithuania and the UK. ‘Manufacturing Today’ addresses the question of how art, and art education, might resist instrumentalization by the art market on the one hand, and the streamlining efforts of the state on the other. To resist this instrumentalization means to support the idea of a potential within the institution of art for the imagining of an alternative social order. To focus on education is to engage with real political questions about how institutions shape society.

Organised by Trondheim Academy of Fine Art/Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts/NTNU.
17 april - 16 may 2010
Curator: Cristina Ricupero
Venue: Kulturbunker Dora. Maskinistgaten 1 - NO-7042 Trondheim

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