Activities/Free Sol LeWitt at Van Abbemuseum


16 Apr Solo Exhibition

Free Sol LeWitt at Van Abbemuseum
Assembly of Free Sol LeWitt's Untitled (Wall Structure)

The Van Abbemuseum has invited SUPERFLEX to work with the museum's collection. They have responded with the exhibition In-between Minimalisms and a new work, FREE SOL LEWITT - an installation made specially for the second part of Play Van Abbe. The museum is sometimes described as a prison in which the artwork is 'locked-away' like a criminal. With FREE SOL LEWITT, the artists playfully ask the Van Abbemuseum to 'set free' the work of the American artist, Sol LeWitt, Untitled (Wall Structure), 1972. SUPERFLEX has set-up a metal workshop inside the museum in which exact replicas of the specific artwork by LeWitt are made and then shared amongst the museum's public, free of charge. The copies will be distributed to the public through a random system which visitors to the museum can sign-up for. FREE SOL LEWITT will be put into context by SUPERFLEX in the exhibition In-between Minimalisms. This exhibition will consist of artworks from the periods of Minimalist and Conceptual art found in the Van Abbemuseum's collection. Issues such as mass production, intellectual property, seriality and the artwork as concept are raised. FREE SOL LEWITT will be accompanied by a special publication and the seminar Who Owns the Artwork The Exhibition has been curated by SUPERFLEX, Daniel McClean and Christiane Berndes Press release continue below or use link to Van Abbemuseum website: ' >

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