Activities/Populism / Number of Visitors, Merchandise Shop and Superdanish


15 May Group Exhibition

Populism / Number of Visitors, Merchandise Shop and Superdanish
GuaranĂ¡ Power bar at Populism Photo: Andrea Stappert
NIFCA - the Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art - will in April and May 2005 present a major new exhibition project: Populism. It will focus on populism as a pervasive cultural phenomenon and explore connections between the art system and populist ideology. Through visual art and its discourses, the project aims in this way to critically investigate the current reality of populism(s

Lars Bang Larsen, Cristina Ricupero and Nicolaus Schafhause

Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius
9 April - 5 June 2005

National Museum of Art, Architecture
and Design, Oslo
16 April - 4 September 2005

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
30 April - 28 August 2005

Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt a.M.
11 May - 4 September 2005
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