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10 Nov Group Exhibition

Supergas / More Works About Buildings & Food
Photo: Superflex
“Superportagasfloorkitchen without building – more works about the project that we can ship back to The Land in Chiang Mai, so it can be used in comfort.”

A collaborate work between Rirkrit Tiravanija, Tobias Rehberger and SUPERFLEX for the exhibition "More works about buildings & food", Oeiras, Portugal.

The show presented ideas on how to integrate the biogas system into a domestic kitchen environment later to be used in the country in Chiang Mai. It consisted of a 1:1 model landscape of the environment including a floor (8 x 12 metres) that uses the weight of people standing on it to create the pressure needed to supply gas for cooking purposes. The model comprised: one biogas system / mattress / gas storage / wooden floor / kitchen / camping chairs.
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