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You Can't Eat Identity

Year: 2016

You Can’t Eat Identity is a series of seven paintings, each in a different colour shade representing the colours of the 7 Euro notes (5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500). Each painting has the title You Can’t Eat Identity followed by the specific euro note, e.g. You Can’t Eat Identity/5 Euro, You can’t eat identity/10 Euro etc.

The statement "You can't eat identity" first time appeared during the filming of SUPERFLEX's Kwassa Kwassa in 2015 and is a quote by Mr Soundi who is a boat builder on the island of Anjouan. The quote by Mr Soundi is referring to the current domestic political situation at the Comoros. As one of the four Comorian islands gaining independence from France in 1974, Mayotte chose in 2011 to resume being a formal part of France i.e. EU. This has set the scene for migration towards the island of Mayotte, which is now the outermost region and thereby also the outermost borders of the European Union.

You Can't Eat Identity/50 Euro. Photo: Malle Madsen

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