Tools/XXXXXXXXX An Artist with 6 Legs

XXXXXXXXX An Artist with 6 Legs

XXXXXXXXX’s works have always generated discussion within various fields of divergent social and political views. When asked to do a retrospective exhibition at Kunsthal Charlottenborg the immediate response for XXXXXXXXX was to invite 8 curators to each curate a XXXXXXXXX retrospective using XXXXXXXXX works. Working Title: “A Retrospective Curated by XXXXXXXXX” was a complex, challenging and dynamic journey into the oeuvre of the artists’ group. One of the curatorial concepts bans both Kunsthal Charlottenborg and the artist’s group itself from using the name XXXXXXXXX, hence the black bars in this text and throughout the book.

This publication accompanies the exhibition and contains the curatorial concepts behind the 8 exhibitions as well as installation views of these. Included is an incredible number of images and articles depicting how XXXXXXXXX have been featured in newspapers, magazines, and journals, both in print and online, over the past 20 years. The book also contains the catalogue of works that were available to the curators and now, for the first time, gives access to the full body of work by XXXXXXXXX from 1993 to 2013, including notes on each work.

Taken as a whole, this book and the 8 different retrospective exhibitions embody the interest of XXXXXXXXX and Kunsthal Charlottenborg in prompting and encouraging discussion about the tools of XXXXXXXXX, the nature of a retrospective exhibition in itself, and of art and society as such. 

Yuko Hasegawa
Eungie Joo
Toke Lykkeberg
Daniel McClean and Lisa Rosendahl
Adriano Pedrosa
Agustín Pérez Rubio
Hilde Teerlinck
Rirkrit Tiravanija 

Editor Pernille Albrethsen


Photo: Superflex

This book is published in conjunction with the exhibition Working Title: “A Retrospective Curated by XXXXXXXXX”
Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen  12 December 2013 – 2 February 2014

The Publication
Editor: Pernille Albrethsen
Editorial Assistants: Solveig Lindeskov Andersen, Nina Wöhlk
Archive/Research: Copenhagen Brains
Translation: René Lauritsen

Graphic Design and Typesetting: Rasmus Koch Studio
Typeface: Akzidenz Grotesque Pro
Paper: Munken Lynx Rough 120 g/m2 and 300 g/m2

Photo, Installation Views, Kunsthal Charlottenborg: Anders Sune Berg
Photo, XXXXXXXXX in Print and Online: Rasmus Koch Studio

Printing / Binding: Rosendahls-Schultz
Edition: 3,000


The Exhibition at Kunsthal Charlottenborg
Director Jacob Fabricius
Curator Henriette Bretton-Meyer
Project Manager Anne Mikél Jensen
Head of Audience Mia Flindt
Operations Manager Jakob Agger
Curatorial Assistants Rebekka Elisabeth Anker-Møller, Kim Wrang Henriksen, Katrine Brantbjerg Mosegaard
Office Assistant Ingvild Hansen

Art Hosts
Sofie Holten, Arendse Krabbe, David Law, Elin Ljungkvist, Salvatore Pisanelli, Nina Marie Poulsen, Mikkel Rørbo, Emilie Thalund

Production: South into North / Francesca Astesani & Julia Rodrigues

Cockroach Actor: Brian Hjulmann

Gilder: Pernille W. Ferdinandsen

Technicians: Keith Allan, Mattias Almlund, Kristina Bengtsson, Andres Camacho, Desmond Church, Simen Helsvig, Kevin Malcolm, Ben McIntosh, Pind, Morgan Schagerberg and Eric Wall


Supported by
Hewlett-Packard Company, Montana – Peter and Joakim Lassen, Bryggeriet Skands, Statens Kunstråd, Nils Stærk


The artists and Kunsthal Charlottenborg would like to thank: Pernille Albrethsen, Peter Kruzhem Andersen, Solveig Lindeskov Andersen, Per Arnoldi, Francesca Astesani, Brian Berg, Nikolaj Birgens, Blendwerk, René Bondy, Brian Butler, Hamayun Butt, Claus Carstensen, Ralf Christensen, Copenhagen Brains, Copy Dj Djuna Barnes, August Engkilde, Jousse Entreprise, Martin von Haller Grønbæk, Jens Haaning, Henrik Hansen, Yuko Hasegawa, Nikolaj Heltoft, Eungie Joo, Emma Jorn, Benny Robert Jørgensen, Rasmus Koch, Jacob Lillemose, Lennart Lajboschitz, Joakim & Peter Lassen, Toke Lykkeberg, Jan Mallan, Daniel McClean, Supah Mikes, Anders Monrad, Said Murad, Naturfrisk, Rune Nielsen, Nikolaj Nyholm, Jesper Nymark, Rune Plank Olsen, Mischa Pavlovski, Adriano Pedrosa, Pind, Rammeværkstedet, Julia Rodrigues, Lisa Rosendahl, Rosendahls-Schultz, Agustín Pérez Rubio, Jacob Breinholt Schou, Jens Breinholt Schou, Mikael Schustin, Bo Schönfeldt, Birthe & Morten Skands, Københavns Skiltefabrik, Det Go’e Smørrebrød, Simon Starling, Nikolaj Stobbe, Rasmus Koch Studio, Nils Stærk, Hilde Teerlinck, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Sean Treadway, Stella Vitsaras, Nina Wöhlk, 1301PE.

XXXXXXXXX wishes to express its gratitude to the families of Bjørnstjerne Christiansen, Jakob Fenger and Rasmus Nielsen and to individuals and organisations with whom XXXXXXXXX has collaborated until this date.

Thanks to the private lenders, Malmö Konstmuseum, Malmö; Van Abbemuseum, and Eindhoven; Nordic Contemporary Art Collection – NoCo, Stockholm. 


This book is made available under the Creative Commons Attribution – Non-Commercial – ShareAlike Licence 3.0

Published by
Kunsthal Charlottenborg
Nyhavn 2
DK-1051 Copenhagen K

Distributed by Kunsthal Charlottenborg and TIGER
Distributed in USA by D.A.P.

ISBN 978-87-88944-97-6

Printed in Denmark

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