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Waste Water Fountain

Tagged: waste
Year: 2016

With Waste Water Fountain SUPERFLEX asks if there is not an essential element being lost in the sanitisation of the modern version of the Emscher River. It might just be that this smelly and potentially health hazardous river teaches us something about the fundamentals of human civilization - an element that gets lots in the process of ‘renaturalisation.' SUPERFLEX celebrates the river as social gut in the landscape where we all meet on equal terms. It points to the commonality of our waste and the fact that we are all subject to a universal process of corruption. In the night, the fountain lights up and during the exhibition period, the waste of high and low flows collectively through the fountain.

SUPERFLEX presented the work Waste Water Fountain as part of Emscherkunst 2016. The 50 km long art trail dealt with the conversion of the Emscher River as well as the urban and industrial transformation of the landscape in the Ruhr area. The Emscher River, once a small and lively river, was during the industrialization turned into an open canal for waste water, an open gut of the region.
As part of a the renaturalisation proces, Emscher is turned into an imagined version of what it originally was and the waste water put into underground pipes. Step by step, the Emscher River, and its tributaries will be transformed and improved ecologically.

Designed in close collaboration with KWY.


Photo: Roman Mensing

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