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Today we do not use the word 'Recession'

For the Midsummer Festival in Cork, Ireland, SUPERFLEX encouraged Lord Mayor of Cork Cllr. Dara Murphy to bring a proposal to the city council that would ban the use of the word 'Recession' in the city. Out of this came a decree advocating that for one day, on June 17th 2010, the citizens should refrain from using the word 'Recession'.h Ireland is entering into a new era since the untimely death of the Celtic Tiger economy, once lauded as the fastest growing economy in the world. This economy was driven by liberal bank regulation and poor political governance. A reliance on speculative property development led house prices in Ireland to rise by almost 520% in 15 years. Now the Irish GDP is shrinking faster than in any other advanced economy and unemployment has risen faster than anywhere else in Europe. The decree was announced through a week long publicity campaign in newspapers, radio, TV and through posters in the streets. Today we don't use the word Recession was commissioned by the National Sculpture Factory and Cork Midsummer Festival. Through projects engaging with alternative models for the creation, dissemination and maintenance of social and economic organisation SUPERFLEX has been involved in several legal disputes, as well as suffered prohibition orders and police raids, relating to their artistic use of commercial signs and symbols. However, finding that the restrictions placed on their work sometimes led to unexpectedly interesting results, SUPERFLEX began to explore the productive potential of prohibition and conceived a series of projects structured to impose regulations on others.

Photo: Peter Cox

Decree text:


Through the power of positive thought and collective action, Lord Mayor Cllr. Dara Murphy decrees that for one day, to lift ourselves out of the doom and gloom the citizens of Cork should refrain from using the word 'Recession'.

The citizens of Cork are invited to join with the Lord Mayor in the collective ambition to help drive Cork out of recession and into recovery from this day forward. To kickstart this recovery the lord mayor requests on Thursday 17th June, 2010, that the people of Cork shall in all public utterances, statements and communications, replace the word 'recession' with alternative words or phrases.

Citizens are asked to create their own new alternatives, thus contributing to re-imagining the future of the City of Cork.

And so recommend to the people of Cork under the Common Seal of the Lord Mayor.

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