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Mærsk - The Opera

An opera in three acts for 26 voices, choir and orchestra about the building of the Copenhagen Opera House
Produced by SUPERFLEX
Composer: Anders Monrad
Libretto: Nikolaj Heltoft & SUPERFLEX
Duration: 60 minutes  = 128 pages.
Mærsk – the Opera tells the story of the power relation between a single privileged individual, his company and the surrounding society, through the much debated building of the Copenhagen Opera House. Placed on a historical majestic axis accros the water from the Amalienborg royal palaces and the Frederik's Church (The Marble Church), the Copenhagen Opera House was donated to the city of Copenhagen as a "people’s gift", financed solely by Denmark’s richest man, the late Mærsk McKinney-Møller and his foundation for charitable purposes.
Mærsk – the Opera is licensed for free non-commercial use and the score was furthermore donated to the Royal Danish Opera and the Copenhagen Opera House for free as a people’s gift.
The entire score of Mærsk – the Opera was presented at the Nikolaj - Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center as a part of Copenhagen Art Festival 2012

Transcription: Benjamin de Murashkin
Design: Rasmus Koch Studio
Front page illustration of the Copenhagen Opera House : Casper Øbro

Supported by Danish Arts Council

Photo: Superflex

Video of the presentation

Download score:


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