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European Union Mayotte

In the film installation European Union Mayotte SUPERFLEX reflects upon migration, the dream of another life and the front border of the EU. Located in the Indian Ocean north of Madagascar, Mayotte is one of the four Comoros Islands, a previous French Colony. The Union of the Comoros is a sovereign island nation gaining independence in 1975. Mayotte, however, has chosen to reaffirm its ties to France through a series of referendums. In 2011, Mayotte became a French overseas department, which equalled the island with France’s other departments and regions. In 2014 the EU acknowledged Mayotte as a part of the union, making it EU’s outermost region.

The installation consists of 2 projections, the first projection (smaller) pictures a scene of single boat in the ocean, sometimes including people, in the second projection (larger) we follow the production of a small  berglass  shing boat on Anjouan, an island situated only 70 kilometres away from Mayotte. In these small boats, people from Anjouan and the surrounding islands of the Comoros take the risk of a dangerous and illegal journey, in the hope of reaching Mayotte, and thereby the EU - causing death by drowning for thousands of people.

Installation at Nils Stærk 2016. Photo: Malle Madsen

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