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Ecological Burial Contract

Signing the Ecological Burial Contract meant committing to an ecological and climate friendly burial in the case of death during the period of the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, COP 15, December 7-18, 2009. Ecological Burial Contract was developed as a contribution for New Life Copenhagen, a social experiment realized parallel to the climate conference inviting the participants as well as everybody else to rethink our way of life. Through projects engaging with alternative models for the creation, dissemination and maintenance of social and economic organisation SUPERFLEX has been involved in several legal disputes, as well as suffered prohibition orders and police raids, relating to their artistic use of commercial signs and symbols. However, finding that the restrictions placed on their work sometimes led to unexpectedly interesting results, SUPERFLEX began to explore the productive potential of prohibition and conceived a series of projects structured to impose regulations on others.

Photo: Superflex

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