Activities/Western Rampart at Turku Art Museum


18 Sep - 22 Nov Solo Exhibition

Western Rampart at Turku Art Museum

Turku Art Museum will present Western Rampart from 18th September to 22nd November 2020 in Turku, Finland. The exhibition is a part of the Dark Room-program. 

Western Rampart is a film work by SUPERFLEX challenging our perception of borders and boundaries - whether natural or human built, through time. The film is set in the area of Vestvolden ("Western Rampart" in Danish), in which the 14 km rampart complex south west of Copenhagen was built.

As a combination of visual and narrative poetry, magic realism and documentarism, Western Rampart is a tale featuring a gigantic Amanita muscaria mushroom in discussion with the revived Western Rampart. Through the existential conversation, two perspectives are opposed. While the rampart embodies the necessity of borders and walls for survival; the mushroom advocates for constant motion and circulation as everything is meant to continuously transform to thrive.

Read more about the exhibition here: 

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