Activities/SUPERFLEX PRESENTS: The Parley


28 Apr - 04 May Film screening


SUPERFLEX PRESENTS brings to you The Parley, a two-screen film installation presenting simultaneously two parallel narratives around one painting. 

The film is based on the painting titled The Pioneer and the Indian, attributed to Frederic Remington (1861-1909). The two screens show two different narratives complementing and referencing each other and the original painting. On one screen, a re-staging of the depicted scene:  two individuals, one portraying a Native American and the other a Pioneer, slowly scanned detail by detail, turning the painting into a 3D-like experience. On the other screen, the original painting being thoroughly examined by scientists in a lab using a PIXE (Particle Induced X-ray Emission) spectrometer. This process offers the possibility of identifying the elemental make-up of a material.

Frederic Remington played a heavy role in depicting the myth of The West. The Pioneer and the Indian was one of his most important paintings, but for several years, rumours have been flourishing about the painting being a fake. SUPERFLEX initiated forensic examinations that confirmed those suspicions and revealed the presence of titanium white, a type of paint invented years after the death of Remington. The Parley is also the title of the original work by Remington which was used as reference to produce the fake painting The Pioneer and the Indian. 

The Parley will be available for a week until 5th Mayl 2020 following the link:

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