Activities/SUPERFLEX PRESENTS: Western Rampart


31 Mar - 07 Apr Film screening


As part of the ongoing series SUPERFLEX PRESENTS, the film Western Rampart will be available on our website from March 31st and during the whole week on:

Western Rampart is a film work from 2018 challenging our perception of borders and boundaries - whether natural or human built, through time. As a combination of visual and narrative poetry, magic realism and documentarism, Western Rampart is a tale featuring a gigantic Amanita muscaria mushroom in discussion with the revived Western Rampart. Through the existential conversation, two perspectives are opposed. While the rampart embodies the necessity of borders and walls for survival; the mushroom advocates for constant motion and circulation as everything is meant to continuously transform to thrive. Western Rampart was nominated for the 2019 New:Vision Award at CPH:DOX, the annual Copenhagen based documentary film festival.

Western Rampart will be available online until 7th April 2020 and will be followed by another SUPERFLEX film. 

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