Activities/Flooded McDonald's at Museum Morsbroich


26 Jan - 26 Apr Group Exhibition

Flooded McDonald's at Museum Morsbroich

Flooded McDonald's is a part of the thematic group exhibition "Liebes Ding - Object Love" at Museum Morsbroich, LeverKusen, Germany. The exhibition will be on display from the 26th January to 26th April 2020 and is a travelling exhibition. "Object Love" was first displayed at Museum De Domijnen in 2018. 

With the development of new technologies and the rise of consumerism, the number of things exploded. Things are everywhere. They serve us as tools. They act as extensions of our body. We are close to things both physically and emotionally. The exhibition "Liebes Ding - Object Love" will explore the intimate relationship between man and things and questions like: why we strive for things? What do they mean for us? And what are the consequences of our love for things?

Read more about the exhibition (in German):

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