Activities/Announcing The Current II - Convening#2, DEEP SEA MINDING: A DESERT IN PINK.


09 Mar - 10 Mar Research

Announcing The Current II - Convening#2, DEEP SEA MINDING: A DESERT IN PINK.
Photo: Superflex

SUPERFLEX announces The Current Convening #2: Deep Sea Minding, a desert in pink produced by TBA21-Academy  in collaboration with Desert X and Ace Hotel & Swim Club. The convening will take place on the 9th and 10th of March of 2019 in Palm Springs, USA.

Deep Sea Minding is a transdisciplinary research project merging art and science to engage with marine life in this crucial moment of our common history. As sea water level rises, fish will conquer our quotidian spaces and us, humans, are fully responsible to prepare our habitat for the future residents. A habitat to be imagined in pink, a colour that will attract coral polyps, facilitating the flourishing of a whole new ecosystem. When humans are long gone, fish will populate our homes.

The focus of the research of the Deep Sea Minding project is to imagine and explore solutions for this sub-aquatic future. In this context, a first convening of Deep Sea Minding was celebrated in Copenhagen between the 19th and the 22nd of April of 2018. A variety of discussions took place with the participation of the scientists Dr. Alex Jordan and Dr. David Gruber, the urbanist John Palmesino and the designer Jun Kamei, among others. With events in the aquarium Den Blaa Planet and the sea fort Trekroner, the convening was inspired and surrounded by water.

For this second convening, the location will shift to the desert, the driest of lands. Specifically, the Coachella Valley, where SUPERFLEX built Dive-In, a large outdoor cinema to project marine scenes while expecting corals and fish to take over its porous pink structure. The connection with the ocean is only through a journey in time. From the remembrance of a desert that was once submerged in water to a predicted future, when the depths of the sea will conquer it again. The sea awaits patiently for its return. And in the meantime, the Californian desert will remain as the testimony of a changing reality tainted in shades of pink.

Full program to be announced soon.

Dates: 9th and 10th of March.
Location: Ace Hotel & Swim Club Palm Springs. 
Registration: the event is free but registration is required. Confirm your attendance here.

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