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21 Feb - 21 Feb Event

Speculative Machine I: Tools for a Thawing World

The first event in the program series of The Speculative Machine at MOAD, Miami Dade College, Freedom Tower. Gean Moreno (Curator of Programs at ICA Miami) and Stefanie Wakefield (urban geographer and Visiting Assistant Professor in Culture and Media at Eugene Land College at The New School, New York) will deliver an experimental lecture on how artists such as SUPERFLEX suggest new ways of reckoning with Miami's rising sea levels and soaring inequalities.

The Speculative Machine I: Tools for Thawing World will be held at Freedom Tower, Miami on 21st February 2019 7pm - 9pm.  

The Corrupt Show and The Speculative Machine is a two-part SUPERFLEX work. While the installation The Corrupt Show is currently on display for the SUPERFLEX solo presentation: We Are All In The Same Boat, The Speculative Machine is activated through different events. 
The Speculative Machine is a event program consisting of workshops, lectures, discussions and other activities based on reflection and debate where experts from different disciplines are invited to participate. There are several core themes including science, economics and arts. The aim is to organize roundtable to generate links to create new projects that transform their immediate contexts, as well as to expose these processes to the public in order to involve and make him a partaker of this monetary speculation mechanism. 

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