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15 Nov - 19 Jan Solo Exhibition

Connect With Us

SUPERFLEX will open the solo exhibition 'Connect With Us' at Von Bartha, Basel, Switzerland on 15th November. The exhibition will be on display until 19th January 2019. 'Connect With Us' will mainly feature new works.

Von Bartha writes about the exhibition: 

Von Bartha is pleased to present their third solo exhibition from Copenhagen-based art collective SUPERFLEX, running from 16 November 2018 to 19 January 2019. Taking its title from the slogan of Falcon bank – the first in the world to trade with bitcoin – the exhibition explores the significance and effect of cryptocurrencies and data within our global economy.

Since its release in 2009, bitcoin’s value and trade has increased considerably. The inability of governments or financial institutions to control cryptocurrencies has led to unstable and unpredictable values, constantly varying at a staggering rate.

Designed specifically for von Bartha’s Basel gallery space, Connect with me is a new, five-part sculptural installation revealing the precise fluctuations of the value of bitcoin over an 18 month period. Advancing and retracting, ascending and descending, a three dimensional blue line unfolds in five different areas across the gallery space, with variable rhythm and intensity. Reflecting upon the irrational fervor on which digital currencies’ value is based, the work paradoxically translates this intangible medium into a large-scale sculptural installation.

Read more about the exhibition: 

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