Activities/Investment Bank Flowerpots XL at C3A


13 Nov - 28 Jun Group Exhibition

Investment Bank Flowerpots XL at C3A

Investment Bank Flowerpot XL / Morgan Stanley Rhododendron and Investment Bank Flowerpot XL / Barclays Nerium Oleander will be on display at C3A - Centro de Creación Contemponánea de Andalucía for the exhibition: 'Modelos transicionales. Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos, MP & MP Rosado, SUPERFLEX'. The exhibition opens Tuesday 13th November and will be on display until 28th June 2020. 

C3A writes about the exhibition: "This presentation made from the works of architects and visual artists occupies the spaces adjacent to the studios and workshops that are used by artists-in-residence. It consists of a reflection upon the very notion of mock-up and model, and upon architecture, representation, and function, as a platform for research into its everydat uses."

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