Activities/Convening #1 - Deep Sea Minding


20 Apr - 22 Apr Event

Convening #1 - Deep Sea Minding
Photo by James White

In 2018 SUPERFLEX was appointed by TBA21- Academy as Expedition Leader of The Current. This fellowship is concerned with the state of the ocean and seeks to provide a platform for the cultivation of interdisciplinary thought, the exchange of ideas and new knowledge production. Organised in three-year cycles, the programme centres around annual expeditions at sea and land-based convenings linked to the exploratory theme of each ocean encounter. 

SUPERFLEX’s first Convening took place in Copenhagen in April of 2018. During this two-day gathering, the conversations focused on alternative means of communication and collective behaviour in marine species, the circumstances and impact of climate change, the human - animal relationship, new material production, as well as amphibian living and thinking.

Participants: Angela Ma Adeix, Dr Alex Jordan, Dr. Alex Gruber, Dr. Sonia Matos, Francesca von Habsburg, Ingo Niermann, John Palmesino, Jun Kamei, Lars Skou Olsen, Markus Reymann, Paul Feigenfeld and Ricardo Gomes.


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