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17 Mar - 26 Mar Film screening

The Mærsk Opera - World Premiere
Photo: Superflex

THE MÆRSK OPERA – An operafilm by SUPERFLEX in collaboration with Anders Monrad and Nikolaj Heltoft

World Premiere at CPH:DOX 2017, Kunsthal Charlottenborg 17 March 2017, 19:30

The Mærsk Opera is the story of intrigue and power brokering behind one of the most controversial buildings in Denmark. SUPERFLEX is pleased to announce its world premiere at the CPH:DOX, Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival 2017.

A film work in three acts, The Mærsk Opera is based on true events leading up to the opening of the Copenhagen Opera House in 2005. The opera film features a composition of elements from documentary filmmaking, animation and material realism and a gallery of characters including a lonely meteorite, a dog named Lea, a pair of gesticulating hands, industrious ants, springboard divers and a sonically manipulated black liquid.

The lonesome meteor says: "As a camera-shy drifter, I was really surprised when SUPERFLEX approached me to star in the film. Working with the crew and seeing the story unfold has been a good experience. But I must admit I still feel a little distanced to it all".

The Copenhagen Opera House was donated to the City of Copenhagen as a “people’s gift” by the charitable foundation of Denmark’s richest man, the late Mærsk McKinney-Møller. The building was gifted to the people on condition of its placement on an axis from The Marble Church through the Amalienborg royal palace.

Lea the dog adds: "I am super thrilled and excited to be a part of this opera film. My favorite part of narrating recent Danish history was running around the beach! Just being able to act according to the very precise direction was simply amazing!"

The Mærsk Opera is directed by SUPERFLEX, composed by Anders Monrad with libretto by Nikolaj Heltoft & SUPERFLEX, and is nominated for the New Vision Award at CPH:DOX 2017.

Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.

View film page at CPH:DOX

Facebook event page for the CPH:DOX premiere

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