Activities/The Working Life at CentroCentro Madrid


16 Feb - 21 May Group Exhibition

The Working Life at CentroCentro Madrid

As part of the exhibtion 24/7. Connected, The Working Life will be exhibited at CentroCentro in Madrid
- curated by Luisa Espino

It is becoming increasingly difficult to establish a clear boundary, in terms of both location and time, between our lives and our jobs. This separation was shot to pieces with the arrival of the Internet in our homes and our little smartphones. Architect and historian Beatriz Colomina offers us a telling statistic which she unearthed from The Wall Street Journal, where it was published in 2012, indicating that 80% of young professionals in New York work from bed. Not only does this show that the office has crept into our homes, reaching even our bedrooms, but also that the boundaries between the office and the home and between work and rest have dissipated, especially for a generation that is connected 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Life in today's society is far removed from those eight-hour days that used to finish when we left work, moving towards the new mode of restless productivity described at length by Jonathan Crary in his book 24/7: Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep (2013), from which this exhibition takes its name.

Taking as a point of departure the works of fourteen artists, the exhibition 24/7. Connected reflects on how the boundaries that separate our personal and professional time and space are increasingly blurred due to tools like the Internet, email and social media.

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5th Floor

16.02.2017 – 21.05.2017

Artists: Tania Blanco (Valencia, 1978), Harun Farocki (República Checa, 1944 - Alemania, 2014), Ceal Floyer (Pakistán, 1968), Cristina Garrido (Madrid, 1986), Christian Marclay (EE.UU., 1955), Marta Minujín (Argentina, 1943), Begoña Olavarrieta G. (Granada, 1982), Ana Riaño (Bilbao, 1985), Paco Roca (Valencia, 1969), MP&MP Rosado (San Fernando, Cádiz, 1971), Martha Rosler (EE.UU., 1943), Francisco Ruiz de Infante (Vitoria-Gasteiz, 1966. Vive y trabaja en Francia), Mladen Stilinovic (Serbia, 1947 - Croacia, 2016) y SUPERFLEX (colectivo danés fundado en 1993)

Tagged: actor, film
Location: Madrid (Spain)

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