Activities/Investment Bank Flowerpots at Kunsthaus Graz


10 Feb - 21 May Group Exhibition

Investment Bank Flowerpots at Kunsthaus Graz

Investment Bank Flowerpots are exhibited as part of the group exhibition Dizziness: Navigating the Unknown at Kunsthaus Graz (space 02) from 10 February - 21 May 2017.

About the exhibition:

A destabilised world has become a fact of our day-to-day existence. Every day new reports of crisis set the world whirling, whether real or fictional. A general feeling of menacing unease and fear of direct change conjures up the image of a lurching planet. And yet, as it is often stated, it could also be claimed that the speculative creation triggered by the whirl of systems, lies at the heart of all artistic endeavour.
As the condition of ‘navigating the unknown’, the deliberately created frenzy is thus part of a wider intentional quest for the creative reflex.
With works by Ruth Anderwald+Leonhard Grond, Oliver Hangl, Ann Veronica Janssens, Anna Jermolaewa, Joachim Koester, Henri Michaux, Oliver Ressler, Ariel Schlesinger and Jonathan Monk, Bruce Nauman, Ben Russel, Esther Stocker and SUPERFLEX.

Curated by: Ruth Anderwald, Katrin Bucher Trantow and Leonhard Grond

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Tagged: Bank, economy
Location: graz (Austria)

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