Activities/Burning Car at Gallery OED and Instituto Cervantes


10 Dec - 20 Feb Group Exhibition

Burning Car at Gallery OED and Instituto Cervantes
Photo: Superflex

 Horizon: Against Nature is a two-part project that will take place at Gallery OED (Kochi) 10 - 31 December 2016 and Instituto Cervantes (New Delhi) 30 January - 20 February 2017.

Co-curated by Vaibhav Raj Shah, Finlay Taylor and Jasone Miranda-Bilbao.

The intention of Against Nature project is to shock the mind into rethinking time, space and the relations between things.  Nature is a horizon that can be approached indefinitely and yet never completely grasped. The idea ‘Against Nature’ takes inspiration from the French fiction novel by Joris-Karl Huysmans A Rebours published in France in 1884.

SUPERFLEX participates with the film work Burning Car.

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