Activities/Kwassa Kwassa part of the Nanjing International Art Festival


12 Nov - 12 Feb Film screening

Kwassa Kwassa part of the Nanjing International Art Festival
Photo: Superflex

SUPERFLEX' film Kwassa Kwassa will be part of the third edition of the Nanjing International Art Festival. The exhibition is curated by Lu Peng and Letitzia Ragaglia and deals with the theme Scarcity and Supply.

The Nanjing International Art Festival (NJIAF) is an annual art festival that takes place in Nanjing of the Jiangsu province in China. An hour in land from Shanghai, the festival is in the southern part of Nanjing around the Baijia Lake development. It is privately-run and funded by the Baijia Lake International Culture Investment Group, which act as a platform to support the development of artists and contribute to the growth of the art scene in Nanjing and China. The inaugural edition in 2014 was titled 'Multiple Interpretation', which included artists from over 20 countries. The second, 2015 edition, titled ' A Beautiful New World ', became more international with a presentation from 40 countries, each welcoming over 200,000 visitors. For the third edition, the festival will move from the The Nanjing International Exhibition Center to its new home, the Baijia Lake Museum.

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