Activities/Kwassa Kwassa at Icelandic festival 'Cycle'


27 Oct - 30 Oct Film screening

Kwassa Kwassa at Icelandic festival 'Cycle'
Photo: Superflex

SUPERFLEX' film work Kwassa Kwassa will be screened as part of Cycle Festival from 27-30 October in Kopavogur, Iceland.

The second iteration of the festival is as much a revenant of the past as it is a rehearsal for the future. Contemporary music and visual art are probed as practices of duration, regression, variation, and repetition, spiralling into what is to come: a human, non-, or post-human future. CYCLE delves into self-fulfilling prophecies and hyperstitions, new beginnings and endless ends.

The festival, now in its second year, serves as an international and local platform for contemporary art music and visual arts and the intersection between both disciplines. Deeply rooted in Iceland’s exceptional cultural scene, it uses the unique natural environment as an echo chamber in order to explore questions of deep time and peak futures. With an exhibition at Gerðarsafn Museum and other venues in Kopavogur and a rich programme of performances and concerts, Cycle initiates collaborations and experimentation, and forges interdisciplinary productions which revolve around iterations, structured time, and eternal returns.

Cycle Music and Art Festival is organised in collaboration with Curated Place and is a partner of Moving Classics - European Network for New Music, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.


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