Activities/The Corrupt Show and the Speculative Machine at MAC, Santiago in Chile


01 Jul - 31 Jul Solo Exhibition

The Corrupt Show and the Speculative Machine at MAC, Santiago in Chile
Photo: Superflex

A new version of the 'Corrupt Show and the Speculative Machine' is developed in collaboration with curator and writer Christian Viveros for MAC - Quinta Normal in Santiago in Chile. The first version was co-curated by Patric Charpenel and Daniel McClean and presented at Fundación/Colección Jumex in Mexico September 2013 - February 2014.  

The Corrupt Show deals with the concept of public corruption, forgery, bribery and embezzlement and investigates the potential of prohibition regulations. The exhibition visitors are bribed with lollipops to sign a corruption contract in which they commit to being actively involved in, or solicit others to participate in corruption activities during the contract period. The corruption contract aims to threaten the stability and security of society, to undermine the institutions and values of democracy, ethical values, and justice, and jeopardize sustainable development and the rule of law. The wording, as well as the definition of corruption, is based on the text of the United Nations Convention against Corruption. 

Every signed contract is hung on the wall, as an indication of the collective and systematized corruption of the exhibition and its visitors.

The Corrupt Show will be accompanied by the seminar The Speculative Machine on 1 July. The Speculative Machine intends to serve as a meeting point for specialists in subjects as human rights, political sociology, critical culture and emergency architecture and the public at all levels to discuss and reflect on topics such as financial and economic speculation, emerging economies, social movements and corruption.

To study the concept and idea of the show SUPERFLEX published a publication that provides a detailed and typological description of all SUPERFLEX's artworks. SUPERFLEX refers to their work as tools which indicates the collective ownership of the proposed models and structures. The publication also includes an essay co-written by Patric Charpenel and Daniel McClean, as well as a section dedicated to the reflection (speculation) of social and political themes, relevant in the context of economic globalization.

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