Activities/SUPERFLEX at Roskilde Festival 2016


25 Jun - 04 Jul Event

SUPERFLEX at Roskilde Festival 2016
Photo: Superflex

What happens when you put iconic architecture into a festival setting and put it to a completely different use?

World renowned artist group, SUPERFLEX, has taken that challenge and at Roskilde Festival 2016 their Flagship Shelters/Bottle Collectors VIP will grace the Art Zone. These shelters are modifications of flagship stores of major fashion brands Prada, Tod's and Miu Miu, originally designed by architect superstars Toyo Ito and Herzog de Meuron.

SUPERFLEX' versions, however, are not a celebration of the fashion industry. The models have been downscaled and built out of cheaper materials, thus commenting on issues such as consumption, social injustice and how to prioritise financial and social resources.

One of the three shelters will work as a small stage in Art Zone for panel discussions, debates and performances. The two others will be VIP lounges for the festival's hard-working bottle collectors where they can rest, charge their phones and get refreshments.

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