Activities/SUPERFAKE/THE PARLEY at Lunds Konsthall


27 May - 18 Sep Solo Exhibition

Photo: Superflex

Lund Konsthall will show photos, objects, and a newly commissioned film by SUPERFLEX. In the exhibition SUPERFAKE, SUPERFLEX explores issues their of authenticity, reproduction, and identity construction.

The exhibition is a further development of SUPERFAKE/The Parley from ASU. The show has developed into a question of identity and migration. The connection between the previous exhibition and the new one is the wild west — 1,3 million Swedes emigrated in the late 19 century to the USA in the search for a better life.

The exhibition is a collaboration between Lunds konsthall and Arizona State University Art Museum in the US. Lund University’s Department of Design Sciences will be working with the artists in the production of some of the 3D printed object to be exhibited.

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