Activities/It is Permitted to Permit, SUPERFLEX opening show at the Museum of Tomorrow in Rio De Janeiro


18 Dec - 17 Apr Solo Exhibition

It is Permitted to Permit, SUPERFLEX opening show at the Museum of Tomorrow in Rio De Janeiro
Photo: Design by Rasmus Koch Studio

SUPERFLEX - é permidito permitir - It is permitted to permit

Text by Ronaldo Lemos 

The Danish Art Group SUPERFLEX exposes like few the engines that turn the world. Through their art, they question themes like work, productivity, mass consumption, intellectual property, technology, power, money and art. Nothing could be better, thus, to open the Museum of Tomorrow that, inevitably, will have to deal with the same issues.

In their exhibition “It´s permitted to permit” SUPERFLEX proposes a way of acting in society now and in the future with works that go beyond the exhibition space. They happen in the plan of contemporary life. The work “Free Beer” is not only an object, but also a collection of processes: of negotiation (between the Museum´s team and the brewer Allegra), of manufacturing, distribution, licensing (under Creative Commons), financing and consumption. The small bottle is the symbol of the networks formed to allow it to exist. With “A Cockroach tour of the Museum of Tomorrow”, SUPERFLEX engage directly with the idea behind the museum and the storytelling used in the permanent installations. They invite the visitor to put yourself in their shells and walk the museum from the perspective of these insects that inhabit Earth for more than 300 million years (and will possibly remain here beyond us, humans). That puts into perspective the idea of “tomorrow”. “Tomorrow for and with whom,”, ask the cockroaches and encourages Us to challenge our behaviour.
In the work "Copy Light Factory" seeks to question the boundaries between original and copy. As a copy of a copy, Copy Light turns into something new: an original lamp. The visitor manufactures herself the lamps to be exhibited. With that, Supeflex brings labor to the museum floor. They are right. A museum will be relevant in the 21st Century inasmuch as it keeps alive connections with the largest possible number of networks and organizations, local and global, and with the community in which it belongs, empowering it.

"Museu do Amanhã [Museum of Tomorrow] is a science museum that invites you to look at the past, understand the changes of the present and imagine what is possible for the next 50 years of our future. We take you on that journey with immersive audiovisual spaces, interactive installations and games........Museu do Amanhã endorses the view that the next five decades are likely to condense more changes than the last ten thousand years combined. For that reason, we invite you to think about the impact of your choices made today that will shape our different possible tomorrows. The way the curator see its, we must think our future based on six major trends of Tomorrow: climate change; population growth and greater longevity; greater integration and diversification; technology advances; a changing biodiversity; and the expansion of knowledge.

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