Activities/Kwassa Kwassa, in competition at CPH:DOX, NEW:VISION


10 Nov - 13 Nov Film screening

Kwassa Kwassa, in competition at CPH:DOX, NEW:VISION
Photo: Design Rasmus Koch Studio

SUPERFLEX new film "Kwassa Kwassa" has been selected for competition in the category NEW:VISION by CPH:DOX Documentary Film Festival in Copenhagen.

The film is Screened 2 times during the festival in Cinemateket:
Tuesday 10th November at 17:00
Friday 13th November at 20:15  

"Kwassa Kwassa"is presented together with 2 other films "The Digger" and "Faux Départ"


A new filmwork by SUPERFLEX portraying a boatbuilder on the island of Anjouan,in the Comoro Islands. The boats are used for fishing but also to transport migrants to the neighbouring island of Mayotte,a French overseas territory and a outermost region of the EU. The island of Mayotte is just 70 kilometers away from Anjouan.

The film intends to use the construction of the boat as a carrier of migrants on a dangerous ocean in a complex political setup as well as their symbolic meaning as a carrier of dreams of reaching a better life on the other shore.

KWASSA KWASSA is understood as “an unstable boat”.

Filmed September 2015 in Anjouan.

Director: Tuan Andrew Nguyen & SUPERFLEX
Cinematography: Ha Thuc Phu Nam
Drone Pilot: Le Tran Trung
Voiceover: Soumette Ahmed 
Logo/Poster: Rasmus Koch Studio
Commissioned by Beaufort Beyond Borders 2015 and Marrakech Biennale 6. 
Supported by Danish Art Council.

November 13th, 2015 a film installation of KWASSA KWASSA is presented at a SUPERFLEX solo show at Nils Stærk in Copenhagen and february 2016 at Marrakech Biennale 6 curated by Reem Fadda.  

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