Activities/TOKYO, Sensing the Cultural Magma of the Metropolis


07 Nov - 14 Feb Group Exhibition

TOKYO, Sensing the Cultural Magma of the Metropolis
Photo: Superflex

For the exhibition "Sensing the Cultural Magma of the Metropolis" SUPERFLEX is showing Flagship Shelters. Models of flagship stores of wellknown brands transformed into basic shelters proposed for Ueno Park in Tokyo, that is known for hosting a large number of homeless people.


What kind of image does Tokyo present as a cultural center as it prepares to hold the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020? Externally, its digitalized, commercialized culture is difficult to grasp, resembling a flat wasteland; a refined, yet cold glacier. Tokyo first began to attract global attention during the 1980s when its creativity blossomed to give birth to a unique culture. Having passed through earthquake disasters and economic recessions, a platform upon which to seek ways to create the next culture is finally coming together. This exhibition consists of two elements that allow people to "sense" Tokyo afresh. One presents images of "TOKYO", curated by creators active here in Tokyo in a wide range of fields, each concentrating on their own particular topics. The other will consist of new works on the theme of "TOKYO" by artists who work both in Japan and abroad. The "TOKYO" exhibition will present the creativity of contemporary Tokyo, which inherits the hot, magma-like vitality of 1980s Tokyo to burst through the glacier. Not confined to art, it will cover a wide range of media including music, video, design, etc., to allow the viewer to "sense"the possibilities that present in the city today.
Artists: YMO + Akio Miyazawa, Mika Ninagawa, SUPERFLEX, Takashi Homma, Saâdane Afif, Toshiki Okada, [Mé], EBM(T), Lin Ke, Tetsuaki Matsue and more

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