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19 Sep Film screening

Poster:Rasmus Koch Studio

On Saturday 19 September Kwassa Kwassa by SUPERFLEX will be on view simultaneously in Cinema Rio AND City Nieuwpoort, which makes it an unique event. Feel free to come!

Practical information
Date: Saturday 19 September
Time: 20 h
Free admission
Registration is not required
Location: Cinema Rio and City Nieuwpoort

Cinema Rio – De Haan
Monicastraat 11
8420 De Haan

City – Nieuwpoort
Valkestraat 18
8620 Nieuwpoort-Stad 


A new filmwork by SUPERFLEX portraying a boatbuilder on the island of Anjouan,in the Comoro Islands. The boats are used for fishing but also to transport migrants to the neighbouring island of Mayotte,a French overseas territory and a outermost region of the EU. The island of Mayotte is just 70 kilometers away from Anjouan. 

The film intends to use the construction of the boat as a carrier of migrants on a dangerous ocean in a complex political setup as well as their symbolic meaning as a carrier of dreams of reaching a better life on the other shore.

KWASSA KWASSA is understood as “an unstable boat”. 

Filmed September 2015 in Anjouan.
Director: Tuan Andrew Nguyen & SUPERFLEX
Cinematography: Ha Thuc Phu Nam
Drone Pilot: Le Tran Trung
Voiceover: Soumette Ahmed
Logo/Poster: Rasmus Koch Studio
Commissioned by Beaufort Beyond Borders 2015 and Marrakech Biennale 6. 
Supported by Danish Art Council.
November 13th, 2015 KWASSA KWASSA is presented at a SUPERFLEX solo show at Nils Stærk in Copenhagen and february 2016 at Marrakech Biennale 6 curated by Reem Fadda. 


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