Activities/The Working Life at Art Basel Film Section


16 Jun - 16 Jun Film screening

The Working Life at Art Basel Film Section

Curator Marc Glöde has selected the film "The Working Life" by SUPERFLEX for this year Art Basel Film Section.

From Art Basel website: This year's Art Basel film program opens with a focus on Jan Peter Hammer and SUPERFLEX: filmic reflections that address the consequences of ruthless capitalism and individualism with regard to values such as democracy, love, and community.

Jan Peter Hammer, The Anarchist Banker, 2010, 30', Supportico Lopez
Jan Peter Hammer, The Jungle Book, 2013, 14', Supportico Lopez
SUPERFLEX, The Working Life, 2013, 9'50'', Nils Staerk

The screening is followed by a Q&A with SUPERFLEX, Jan Peter Hammer and Marc Glöde.

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