Activities/Over & Over the Rainbow at the Israeli Center for Digital Art


15 Feb - 21 Jun Group Exhibition

Over & Over the Rainbow at the Israeli Center for Digital Art

Curator: Ran Kasmy-Ilan

Participating Artists:

Leigh Orpaz
Eyal Assulin

Dor Guez

Jeremy Deller

Ori Carmely-Leonov
Oliver Laric
Elisheva Levy

Talia Link
Orr Menirom


Corinne Silva

Excerpts from curatorial statement:
"Over & Over the Rainbow” is an exhibition that examines the crude seams connecting this false façade, a thin veneer of nothing, to its true contents. It exists in the gap separating what is promised, marketed, and consumed, from a trauma-ridden reality. This is the arena of action for the exhibition artists: the chasm between what is and what could be, between promises and broken promises, between longing and disappointment. Tackling this challenge, there were artists who chose to delineate the boundaries of this arena, revealing its scarred underbelly, while others transformed it into their private playground, constructing new and replicated identities from scraps of damaged tissue and thus unfolding new, incredibly intimate anti-tales. They trace the gap between personal identity and those identities dictated from on high by hegemonic systems. 

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