Activities/Insert2014 in Delhi


31 Jan - 28 Feb Group Exhibition

Insert2014 in Delhi
Photo: Superflex

SUPERFLEX takes part in the exhibition Insert2014 organised by Raqs Media Collective in Delhi. For this exhibition SUPERFLEX shows the 240 hous long film work, Modern Times Forever together with a new sculpture work.

Participating artist:

Basel Abbas + Ruanne Abou‐Rahme | Clark House Initiative | Eyal Weizman + Paulo Tavares | Gauri Gill | Harun Farocki | Hito Steyerl | Ivana Franke | Katarzyna Kozyra | Kendell Geers | Kiluanji Kia Henda | Lu Xing‐Hua | Mai‐Thu Perret | Nikolaus Hirsch + Michel Müller | Rirkrit Tiravanija | SUPERFLEX | Tomàs Saraceno | Wanuri Kahiu | Yao Jui‐Chung

Follow link below to get more information.


Tagged: film
Location: Delhi (India)

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