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24 Jan - 25 Jan Release

XXXXXXXXX book launch

XXXXXXXXX book launch and Fridaybar

How to make a retrospective book? In connection with the exhibition Working Title: "A Retrospective Curated by XXXXXXXXX" a comprehensive and richly illustrated book will be published, which will contain the eight curators' exhibition concepts and document XXXXXXXXX's 20 years of work so far, and a complete overview of all their work to date.

The book will be launched by XXXXXXXXX, the editor Pernille Albrethsen and graphic designer Rasmus Koch + a special guest.

At 7 pm you can participate in the performance "A cockroach tour of a retrospective art exhibition" which is an alternative tour of the exhibition.

On this occasion kunsthal Charlottenborg will be open till late. Today's dish will be served, at reasonable prices, at the café.


Kunsthal Charlottenborg
Nyhavn 2
1051 København K 

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