Activities/SUPERFLEX solo show, The Corrupt Show and The Speculative Machine


21 Sep - 09 Mar Solo Exhibition

SUPERFLEX solo show, The Corrupt Show and The Speculative Machine

Curated by Patrick Charpenel and Daniel McClean, The Corrupt Show and the Speculative Machine is the first solo show in Mexico of the Danish collective SUPERFLEX (Bjørnstjerne Christiansen, 1969; Jakob Fenger, 1968; Rasmus Nielsen, 1969).

The exhibition will consist of two parts: the first, The Corrupt Show, is made up of 58 works displayed in the exhibition space and will include newly made pieces as well as earlier projects. The second part, The Speculative Machine, is conceived as a series of discussions with experts from different fields such as politics, education, and culture. These discussions will be held during the run of the exhibition in different places in Mexico City.

Complementing the exhibition, a publication that includes the collective’s most representative projects has been published.

The exhibition divides SUPERFLEX’s work into four structural cores: intellectual property, films, legal contracts, and works that involve people in public contexts.

The title of the exhibition reflects the intent of SUPERFLEX to destabilize social processes and provoke reflection on the strategic possibilities of so- cial transformation. By encouraging individuals to participate in illicit activities, SUPERFLEX suggests that the act of corrupting can, paradoxically, have a positive social function.

For this exhibition SUPERFLEX will produce new pieces and reactivate earlier ones. Rather than offering a traditional retrospective, this exhibition aims to present their works as “models” that respond directly to specific environments. In this sense, the exhibition is dynamically linked with social, economic, and political processes— production, distribution of labor, energy, exchange, wealth, consumption and corruption—while at the same time exploring different aspects of human activity.

The collective will transform the exhibition space into a product distribution center, thereby integrating the structure of economic production within the institutional space (Copy Light Factory, 2005, and Money Exchange, 2013). Outside of the exhibition space, SUPERFLEX will activate a series of works in different locations, thus creating a dynamic platform in which the public can participate. 

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