Activities/Safe Place in the Future (?), MCAD in Manilla, The Philippines


25 Jul - 07 Nov Group Exhibition

Safe Place in the Future (?), MCAD in Manilla, The Philippines

The show was first time presented at Jim Thompson Art Center in Bangkok 

Excerpt from curatorial statement:

This exhibit focuses on the overwhelmingly fragile circumstance that both put the world at risk and brings about dangerous conditions. The response towards these uncomfortable conditions is re-examined and re-interpreted in various positive forms, including sculpture, interactive media, documentary films, photography and more, by the artists. All 11 local and international artists participate to show their strong visions by encouraging the interest of others in concerns about current safe issues. They call upon the viewer to raise questions and awareness. The artists seek to find ways to draw the audiences’ attention to current intricately complex issues on unsafe conditions.

Fragile, insecure or unsafe conditions summon up new dialogues, and evoke ways to give an expression of hope and imagination towards finding both creative and practical ways to arrive at a ‘Safe Place in the Future’. The exhibition is a compellation of conscientious artistic perspectives and interpretations on the core issue of ‘(un) safe place’. This message is articulated and assorted into three chapters under the themes ‘dystopia now, utopia never’ 


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