Activities/SUPERKILEN gets a citation in NATIONAL AIA AWARDS


14 Jan Review


Its official SUPERKILEN gets a CITATION in NATIONAL AIA AWARDS as one of the best 21 projects built last year. Not only did it get the award but they also placed it onto the cover of the ARCHITECT magazine which brings SUPERKILEN to 80.000 AIA (American Institute of Architects) members across the USA. Thus Copenhagen is in the news – congrats to Copenhagen!

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Jury Comments

"This project is a joy! This is not only original, but stunning to behold. It is noteworthy for its aesthetic approach, which is straightforwardly artificial rather than pretending to be natural. One of the project’s most exciting dimensions is its inclusion of the diverse community of users. Its bold use of color and public art (both high and popular) in spaces that promote social interaction and engagement all exude a high level of excitement and energy through what once looked like residual space. SUPERKILEN shows what can be done with an open, inventive approach within severe cost limitations. It is not afraid to have fun and to not take itself too seriously. It demonstrates the value of powerful visual and spatial moves while keeping connected to the realities of a contemporary multicultural context: the condition of many European cities.

The form of the project grew from a community participation process that led to a clear identity and enjoyable series of spaces. As a formal expression it breaks down into pieces and fits very nicely into the scale of the surrounding area as an interesting patchwork."


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