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19 Jun Review

Superkilen in Hjemmet magazine

Hjemmet (Home) weekly magazine brand itself as "Denmark's cosiest magazine". This week Hjemmet features a spread on Inga's journey through USA in search of a pavilion for the Superkilen park in Copenhagen.



Pavilion, St. Louis, USA

The pavilion is originally located in Tower Grove Park in the city of St. Louis, Missouri. The park was constructed in 1872 by Henry Shaw, a retired merchant who also founded the city’s botanical garden. Shaw was very inspired by the European romantic gardens, and he had architects design 13 pavilions for the park in total, featuring different national styles.

The prominent red and white Turkish pavilion originally hosted a gigantic pigeon house. However, this was abolished in 1892, and since then the pavilion has seen numerous bridal waltzes as well as the Friends of the Bad Dog Annual Picnic which is celebrated by people from the LGBT communities of St. Louis each year.

The pavilion was selected for Superkilen by Inga and Bent who do line dancing at Ældresagen (Dane Age Association). Together with the art group SUPERFLEX from the Superkilen advisory board they went on a road trip from St. Antonio, Texas, to St. Louis searching for the perfect dance pavilion for the park. Eventually, they picked the Turkish pavilion in Tower Grove Park.



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