Activities/FREE SHOP in New York


24 May - 16 Jun Group Exhibition

FREE SHOP in New York

For the exhibition entitled Creative Destruction SUPERFLEX is performing FREE SHOP in New York.

“Creative destruction” initially described the periodic crises that cleared the ground for the creation of new wealth. More recently, the term has been interpreted by finance capital as the ability to profit at the expense of the majority and their livelihoods. The exhibition reclaims the phrase in order to emphasize the potential to reconfigure and rebuild from pre-existing language for different political purposes. The artworks take aim at how these signs perpetuate a constructed yet naturalized state of inequality. Similar to many of the recent global protest movements, they collectively engage in a critical analysis of the existing socio-economic and ideological order. 

With works by Melanie Gilligan, Hans Haacke, Alfredo Jaar, Liz Magic Laser, Raqs Media Collective, Kerri Reid, SUPERFLEX, and Fred Wilson, among others.


Creative Destruction is curated by denisse andrade, Liz Park, Tim Saltarelli, and Kristina Scepanski
and is done in relation to the Helena Rubinstein Curatorial Fellows of the Whitney Museum of American Art Independent Study Program.


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