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03 Nov - 13 Nov Film screening

Modern Times Forever at CPHDOX

Modern Times Forever is a film, a sculpture and a time machine. It is an invitation to experience the urban space and its power symbols, impacted at a disturbing pace.

The film is a portrait of the company Stora Enso's iconic building, one of the Finnish capital Helsinki's most important landmarks, designed by the famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. The film portrays what happens if we stop time and let the era of humanity end, after which we fast forward and let the building be affected by time alone.

The shifting seasons, years, decades and centuries start eating away at the building just like they do with the pyramids, the Acropolis and the post-industrial areas of Detroit. Through the decay image, the film touches upon topics such as climate change, urban planning, global economic challenges, fear and speculation. What will the building represent in thousands of years' time, and what is left both materially and in terms of ideology?

The entire process is filmed by a person with a handheld camera.

The film can be seen at Kongens Nytorv Metro station from Nov. 3 to Nov. 13 and is made by the Danish artists' collective SUPERFLEX.

The film lasts 10 days, 240 hours and begins and ends simultaneously with CPH:DOX.

Commissioned by IHME Contemporary Art Festival in Helsinki, Finland.

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