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29 Sep Review

New York TImes on Power Toilets / JPMorgen Chase

New York Times:

When Life Becomes Art

By KEN JOHNSON - September 29, 2011

"At the Olympic Restaurant on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, customers who heed the call of nature are in for a pleasant surprise. The grungy stairway leading to the second floor is ominous, but on opening the door to the unisex lavatory, they will discover a clean, well-lighted bathroom with the black tile floor, sleek stainless steel fixtures, dark wood wainscoting and gleaming white sink of a high-end corporate washroom. It is a work of art — not just figuratively, but literally. Called Power Toilet / J.P. Morgan Chase, it is a fully functional copy of an executive bathroom at that investment bank’s offices, created by the collaborative art-making group SUPERFLEX."

"In any case, Olympic Restaurant regulars will be pleased to know that the new bathroom will remain a permanent, usable fixture, an enduring testament to modern art’s refusal to be fenced in."

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