Activities/Power Toilet in NY


23 Sep - 23 Dec Public Art

Power Toilet in NY
JPMorgan Chase HQ, Photo Wikipedia

For the exhibition Living as Form SUPERFLEX made a Power Toilet installed in a Greek diner on Lower Mantahhan. The Power Toilet is a copy of top-level toilets from JPMorgan Chase & Co. Living as Form offers an opportunity to experience nine "living" commissioned artist projects, located in the Lower East Side. Bik Van der Pol, Carolina Caycedo, Surasi Kusolwong, MadeIn Company presented by the Long March Project, Megawords, OurGoods, SUPERFLEX, Temporary Services, and Time/Bank (Julieta Aranda and Anton Vidokle) will each produce a project embodying some of the key tenets of socially engaged art. Following a period of research for the artists, these commissions will operate out of multiple fixed locations and will run throughout the exhibition. Living as Form is organised by Creative Time -

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