Activities/Free Beer School, Taipei Biennial 2010


07 Sep Group Exhibition

Free Beer School, Taipei Biennial 2010
Photo: Superflex
In its historical references, its use of the museum as a social space, and its contribution to the TB08 Revisited series, this piece was a hallmark of the show. For the 2008 Taipei Biennial, SUPERFLEX collaborated with North Taiwan Brewing to produce FREE BEER TAIWAN. For TB10, this collaboration has been expanded to an apparatus referencing Joseph Beuys’ discursive platform "Honeypump" of 1982. The installation is linked to the Ground Floor Google Office, where beer is made available during lectures and seminars. The project, initially developed by the artist group and students at Copenhagen IT University, applies open source methods to beer. The recipe and branding elements are published under a Creative Commons license (Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5), which means anyone can use the recipe to brew their own or create a derivative. A prime objective is to create an open business and question the prevailing system of copyright and trade. TB08 Revisited Series.

mixed media installation with fermentation tanks, conveyor belt, empty bottles,bottled beer, tables, benches

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