Activities/Opening of Power Toilets, Holland


30 Jun Event

Opening of Power Toilets, Holland
Photo: Superflex
Opening: Wednesday 30 June, 4:00pm
Location: Park van Luna, Strand van Luna beach, Heerhugowaard


A copy of the toilets from the United Nations Security Council headquarters, New York installed in Park van Luna, Heerhugowaard for public use.

Power Toilets is a copy of the toilets used by the members of the UN Security Council in the UN Headquarter, New York. The UN building was the result of the collaborative efforts of a multinational team of leading architects. When completed in 1952, it stood as a symbol of unity after the Second World War and has since hosted many historic aspirations, speeches, debates and gatherings of world leaders.

Based on photos taken secretly, the interior of the Power Toilets is identical in detail to that of the sanitary facilities at one of the most secure buildings in the world. Bathers and canoeists at the Park van Luna are now free to use the same toilets as the world's most powerful leaders. The interior design is typical to the 1950's including a lot of marble, steel and the iconic American Standard appliances. The exterior has a neutral nondescript shape like it was cut out of the UN-building in New York and moved intact to this new development in Noord-Holland.

Power Toilets is a project created by the Danish artist group SUPERFLEX and realised in close collaboration with NEZU AYMO architects. Originally commissioned by DRFTWD office associates for the municipality of Heerhugowaard in 2004. It was accomplished in 2010 with support from the province of Noord-Holland and SKOR, Foundation Art and Public Space. Contractors: Bouwbedrijf Gerrits & Sinnige b.v. and Sculpfiction. Special thanks to Christie Arends.

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